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Corporate Order Portal

The simple way for companies to order Me2You gift cards is through our Corporate Order Portal

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Our custom made system helps you to:


  • Enter your orders directly into our order processing system
  • Track your order
  • View past orders
  • Set up a prepay balance to use with our Instant Activation system

What is an Instant Activation Account?

This is a system where we provide you with a pack of blank, inactive cards that you can activate as and when you need them for ad hoc rewards, birthdays, thanks yous and incentives.

This means:

  • No waiting for cards to be delivered
  • No valuable cards in drawers around the office
  • The card only becomes active when you are ready to give it out

If you would like to organise to be set up on the Corporate Order Portal or to discuss how we can provide the service that suits your requirements best, simply call us on:

0 1 554 2000