Welcome to FromMe2You - The Gift Card of Choice!

Why join FromMe2You
FromMe2You was brought to the market by the members of Retail Excellence Ireland to enhance consumer choice and bring much needed competition to the gift card sector. Already we have over 3,000 of Ireland’s favourite stores accepting the card and growing. FromMe2You is backed up by a multi-million euro advertising campaign. FromMe2You can be purchased online, in participating Topaz stations nationwide and from our Corporate sales team, making it the gift of choice for any occasion.

  • How do I join?
  • Simply contact our retail team: [email protected] or 1850 911 888 who will walk you through the setup. It is very easy and you do not need to change any equipment in store.

  • What stores welcome FromMe2You gift cards?
  • FromMe2You is welcomed by Ireland’s favourite stores. Click here for a full list of the stores welcoming FromMe2You.

  • Do we need to be a member of Retail Excellence Ireland?
  • No. Any retail or hospitality or other business that believes that accepting the FromMe2You gift card will benefit their customers should join.

  • What do we need to provide to start accepting FromMe2You?
  • Contact our Retail team who will send you our T&C’s to sign and we will require your Merchant ID(s) to enable your account.

  • Can I accept FromMe2You on my website?
  • Yes. You simply need to make sure you provide us with your website MID when you are signing up. FromMe2you is a MasterCard card so will process online like any other MasterCard transaction.

  • How do we perform a sale?
  • Swipe the card through the magnetic stripe reader and follow the instructions on your credit card terminal. If the card is not accepted please contact [email protected] to ensure the Merchant ID is correctly setup.

  • How do we reconcile our card transactions?
  • FromMe2You gift card transactions will be reported as MasterCard transactions on your credit card terminal or website.

  • How do we receive money from sale transactions?
  • Funds will be received as per your standard settlement process with your merchant services provider. Typically 1 - 3 working days.

  • How can a cardholder check their card balance?
  • If the cardholder is unsure of the funds available on their card they can check the card balance on the FromMe2You website at www.me2you.ie by clicking the ‘Check my Balance’ tab.

  • What happens if we try to process a card that does not have enough funds?
  • If the cardholder attempts to process a transaction and does not have enough funds on the card it will be declined. Please advise the cardholder to check the card balance on their mobile at www.me2you.ie by clicking the ‘Check my Balance’ tab.

  • How do we order POS merchandise and window decals?
  • Simply email your request to our Retail team who will organise everything: [email protected]

Always be aware of fraudulent activity and if you are suspicious of any activity please contact FromMe2You gift card on 1850 911 888.

Customer service:
If there are any questions or queries by staff or customers regarding the FromMe2You gift card please direct them to our customer care line on 1850 911 888 or [email protected] where a member of our team will be happy to assist. Alternatively the FromMe2You website at www.me2you.ie