Me2You Gift Card

The Gift Card for Business

Save up to €1313 per employee

with the Irish Gift Card of Choice, designed for business. With powerful HR incentive and rewards management software, a dedicated card ordering and management portal, and excellent business support.

Tax Efficient

Save up to €1313 per employee every year

Under the small benefit exemption scheme (BIK) employers can reward their staff with one-off, non-cash benefit per employee, per annum, up to the value of €1,000.  This does not apply to cash which is taxable in full.

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Business Order Portal

Designed for businesses, the Me2You Business Order Portal has a number of powerful features like “instant activation cards” only available to our business customers.

Employee Incentives

In addition to the tax savings, we have added a number of options which give you total control of your account, cards and additional HR management and incentivisation tools.

Employee incentives are a critical part of every company’s employee engagement strategy, from large multinationals to local small business. The Small Benefit Exemption tax break, if used correctly, can be a tool to drive company initiatives or encourage employees to help the company control costs in specific areas. It can be an extremely low-cost way to recognise excellence in the workplace.

If you have a question about rewarding your employees tax-free or setting up a scheme that will allow you to utilise the Revenue’s €1,000 Small Benefit Exemption scheme, contact us and we will help you with every aspect of your employee rewards. The Small Benefit Exemption allows you to give each employee a Me2You gift card worth up to €1,000 once each tax year. This benefit exemption is completely free of employee PAYE Income Tax, USC and PRSI, in addition to it not attracting any Employer PRSI either. If you are doing any employee rewards, you should speak to us about how you can best to utilise this Revenue tax break.

Some ways that it can be used include::

  • Employee referrals: A reward to staff which reduces recruitment costs. Generally, referred employees settle in better and are happier
  • Perfect attendance: This isn’t a “showing up” bonus, it’s a way to drive a culture in your company that encourages perfect attendance
  • If you are doing any employee rewards, you should speak to us about how you can best utilise this Revenue tax break.rds: Get employees to celebrate big and little successes to focus them on the next initiative

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Recognition and Reward Manager

Our SaaS Recognition and Reward Manager software, help employers to engage and reward employees on an ongoing basis to maximize the effectiveness of the Small Benefit Exemption (SBE).

Call us today to see how our Recognition and Rewards Manager system can benefit you.

T: +353 1 554 2000

Our software helps companies to increase employee engagement through recognition and reward.

We developed a software as a service (SaaS) Recognition and Reward Manager system that helps employers to use the €1,000 Small Benefit Exemption (SBE) for ongoing engagement and recognition of employees.

The system groups all the rewards and issues them as a single card under the SBE. Me2You enables companies to encourage recognition and engagement, it’s a great way to get comradery and teamwork flowing in the workplace.

Recognition and Rewards is packed with powerful features such as:

  • Simple, user friendly system – all rewards in one place!
  • Budgetary Management & Contol
  • Multi-Level access rights – providing oversight, control & reporting
  • Peer to peer reward nomination function
  • Rewards can be locked
  • Tax Reports – Ensures Tax compliance & saves time collating reports

Trade Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Me2You, your partner for customer loyalty and trade marketing. 

Save up to €1,313 per employee

Benefit from the full range of savings under the governments’ small benefits exemption scheme when you gift an employee up to €1,000 per annum completely Tax Free!

A reward of €1000 net paid through



Income Tax at 40% € 833.33
USC at 8% + PRSI 4% € 250.00
Income Taxes paid by the employer € 1,383.33
Net Reward € 1,000.00 € 1,000.00
Employer PRSI at 11.05% € 250.00

Employer PRSI at 11.05% € 2,313.54
*Savings based on employer giving an employee €500 net on the higher tax bracket