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Me2You Gift Card

Tax Efficient

Save up to €1,313 per employee every year

Under the small benefit exemption scheme (BIK) employers can reward their staff with one-off, non-cash benefit per employee, per annum, up to the value of €1,000.  This does not apply to cash which is taxable in full.

Save up to €1,313 per employee

Benefit from the full range of savings under the governments’ small benefits exemption scheme when you gift an employee up to €1,000 per annum completely Tax Free!

A reward of €1000 net paid through



Income Tax at 40% € 833.33
USC at 8% + PRSI 4% € 250.00
Income Taxes paid by the employer € 1,383.33
Net Reward € 1,000.00 € 1,000.00
Employer PRSI at 11.05% € 250.00

Employer PRSI at 11.05% € 2,313.54
*Savings based on employer giving an employee €1,000 net on the higher tax bracket