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Our recognition and reward manager (SaaS) software is a powerful tool helping employers maximise the benefits of the €1,000 Small Benefit Exemption Scheme (SBE) to incentivise employees on an ongoing basis. The system groups all the rewards and issues them as a single card under the SBE.

Some ways the Reward Manager can be used to benefit you.


  • Employee referrals: A reward to staff which reduces recruitment costs. Generally,
  • referred employees settle in better and are happier
  • Perfect attendance: This isn’t a “showing up” bonus, it’s a way to drive a culture in your company that encourages perfect attendance
  • Milestone awards: Get employees to celebrate big and little successes to focus them on the next initiative

Key Features include;

Watch the video to see our Recognition & Reward Manager in action

  • Manager to employee recognition.
  • Peer to peer nominations.
  • Manage employees by department or team.
  • Communicate the reason for reward and associate it with a core value.
  • Simple access via admin portal for management.
  • Unique staff login for each employee.

  • Consistent support in highlighting your company’s core values.
  • Help in maintaining tax efficiency.
  • Full reporting system available.
  • Hosted in the cloud for maximum security and high performance.

If you have a question about rewarding your employee’s tax free or setting up a scheme that will allow you to utilise the Revenue’s €1,000 Small Benefit Exemption scheme, contact us and we will help you with every aspect of your employee rewards. The Small Benefit Exemption allows you to give each employee a Me2You gift card worth up to €1,000 once each tax year. This benefit exemption is completely free of employee PAYE Income Tax, USC and PRSI, in addition to it not attracting any Employer PRSI either. If you are doing any employee rewards, you should speak to us about how you can best utilise this Revenue tax break.

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